El meu bloc

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Por Carles Balsells

Aquest és el meu bloc:


Barcelona votes on the independence of Catalonia from Spain

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Por Domènec Ribes Mateu - Kubic.cat

People in Barcelona have voted in favour of the idea of independence from Spain for the north-eastern region of Catalonia. Here you can see a panorama of the referendum, held last Sunday, April 10th.

The result prompted celebrations among separatists, but the ballot will have no legal impact.

The unofficial referendum was organised by pro-independence activists for Barcelona residents only, and barely one in five – 21.4 percent – turned out to vote.

Of them, just over 91 percent said yes to full independence.

Similar votes had previously been held in towns and villages elsewhere in Catalonia. The region has gradually won more autonomy from Spain and has control over matters such as infrastructure and judicial affairs.

But many Catalans, proud of their cultural identity and language, feel they get a raw deal from Madrid.

Like the Basque region, Catalonia was heavily oppressed during the Franco dictatorship of 1939-75, which made it a crime to speak Catalan and Basque languages.

ViewAt.org at Palmela 2011

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Por Bernard Custard

We are proud to announce that part of viewAt.org team is going to be at Palmela2011. Iban Borras and Bernard Custard will talk about ViewAt.org present and future, showcasing their current works plus some insights into what is coming next.

The Conference is scheduled to take place June 3, 2011, in the Cine–Teatro São João, Palmela, Portugal.

Palmela 2011 offers a great opportunity to get closer and want get deeper into the world of panoramas and see the future would be. We hope to devirtualize some viewAt.org members and of course other people.

Among them, Sam Rohn, Omer Calev, Thomas Rauscher (Garden Gnome Software), Kent Durk, Andrew Bodrov, have also confirmed their attendance and many other guests.  It will be updated as the date gets closer.

You can see all the speakers, talks and workshops on Palmela website.

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que viewAt.org estará en Palmela2011. Iban Borrás y Bernard Custard hablarán de presente y futuro de viewAt.org, enseñando algunos de sus trabajos y anunciando algunas de las mejoras.

La conferencia tendrá lugar en Cine–Teatro São João, Palmela, Portugal de 17:00 a 18.00h el 3 de Junio del 2011.

Palmela 2011 ofrece una oportunidad de conocer más a fondo el mundo de la fotografia panorámica, sus posibilidades y cual será su futuro. Esperamos desvirtualizar algunos miembros de viewAt.org y  a otras personas del sector.

Entre otros estarán, Ignacio Ferrando Marcelí, Sam Rohn, Omer Calev, Thomas Rauscher (Garden Gnome Software), Kent Durk, Andrew Bodrov, y otros muchos invitados que darán charlas y workshops. A medida que vaya acercándose la fecha, se ira actualizando más.

Puedes ver los ponentes, charlas y tallers en la página web de Palmela2011.

Summary of the highlights of March

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Por viewAt.org Team

Fotografia panoramica para principiantes... Knol de MVEGAV

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Por Manuel Vega Velazquez


Resultados de la investigación del tema. Desde este sitio pretendo acumular y compartir los resultado de la investigación del tema de la fotografía panorámica.

Ahi se encuentra la trayectoria para llevar al punto de poder hacer mi primer Fotografìa Panorámica Esférica en marzo del 2011.

Our best wishes in this moment of disgrace for our fellow panographers in Japan

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Por Henry Alvarez

I'm sure the whole community of panographers is overwhelmed by the moment of disgrace Japan is living now. I'd like to send our best wishes to Junichi Ogino, Kouji, Bokutouzawa, and all the rest of great photographers in viewat, hoping they and their beloved ones are doing ok at this moment.....once again the people in Japan are showing to the world their strength to endure such difficult circunstances. Our love and admiration to them all.

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