Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Place of residence:

João Pessoa, Paraïba, Brazil

Personal web page:

Click (tap for the iPad users) on the extreme lower right-side icon, and you will have the panorama full-screen ! Use the weel of your mouse to zoom in or out !

A tip for the iPad users: tap on the icon next to the "full-screen" image, and the panorama will rotate/toggle automatically when you rotate/toggle your iPad ! Just amazing ! Of course, by "pinching" the image with two fingers, you can zoo in or out !

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The most highlight panoramas by Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Geneva Fountain at dusk a rainy day

50 votes

While walking along Geneva lakeshore at the end of the day, under a quite heavy rain, I shot this panorama because I found the light was very...

Bandstand in the ”English Garden”

30 votes

This is a view at dusk, from the center of the "Kiosque a musique", in the English Garden, on Geneva's lakeside !

Place du Marché in Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

20 votes

This is the Market Place (Place du Marché) in Carouge, a city next to Geneva City. It's an old city that was part of the Duchy of Sardinia. The...

The Cafe ”La Clemence”

20 votes

This is the central spot of Geneva's old town ! The cafe "La Clemence" (from the name of the biggest bell of Geneva St- Peter cathedral) is "the"...

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