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As a keen amateur photographer I was keen to try something new. In 2006 I started to experiment making panoramas with a view to eventually being able to make my own QTVRs. It took a while but I think that I've cracked it now. :-)

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They come each year and give us pleasure. Snowdrops everywhere!

Barnweil Monument

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The Barnweil Monument Situated on a hill top to the north of Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland, the Barnweil Monument marks the spot where William...

Cherry Blossom

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The cherry blossom only lasts for a short time. The wind often blows it away before there is a chance to photograph it. This year I was lucky. The...

Gallow Law Cairn

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If you want panoramic views over Ayrshire and Arran, it would be worth your while to take a detour uphill to the Gallow Law Cairn - the gallows...

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