Panoràmiques més destacades de Harold Rosenberg

Temple Wood Stone Circle, near Kilmartin, Scotland

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This 12 metre in diameter circle of stones, along with the 13 surrounding stones, date this burial cairn from about 3000 B.C.

Rocks at Biddeford Pool, Maine

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I couldn't resist. It was a perfect summer evening. The ocean was calm, the moon was bright, and the mosquitos were biting.

Dawn at Biddeford Pool, Maine

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I dragged myself out of bed at 5 am, and headed down to the rocks at the end of my street. The fishermen and photographers were already there,...

Fly-fishing at Biddeford Pool, Maine

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My friend, Leslie, enjoys a late day fly-casting session off Vine's Landing in Biddeford Pool, Maine. I waded out to take the panorama, while...

Owl's Head Light, Maine

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Doing panoramas on a lovely day, surrounded by spectacular scenery. What more could a pano workshop group ask for?

On Patrol in Biddeford Pool, Maine

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Biddeford Police Patrol Officer R. Rouillard on the job on the main thoroughfare.

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