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Cappella Palatina - Palermo (Sicilia)

72 vots

NEW VERSION OF THIS PANORAMA AVAILABLE : http://photo.maelbathfield.net/chapelle-palatine-palerme-sicile/ OR...

Per Maël BathfieldArgent

On Top of the Windmill, Frigento (Italy)

70 vots

Windpark "Sturno Frigento" in the province of Avellino, Italy. Standing on top of a Fuhrländer FL1000 turbine.

Per Thomas Krüger

Painting: Piazza della Cisterna in San Gimignano, Tuscany

65 vots

This is the result of playing around with Photoshop. But get it down to 4600kb I had to lower the quality a lot. Compare it with the original...

Per Heiner Straesser

Basilica of Santissima Annunziata del Vastato, Genoa, Italy

63 vots

The church was originally built in 1520 by the Franciscan monks in a late gothic style, but they didn't finish it. From 1591 the Lomellini Family...

Per Hans Von Weissenfluh

On the rocks above the Lago di Garda, Italy

56 vots

About 500m above the Garda Lake you have a great view over the lake and to the mountains. The lake is a famous pradise for surfing and the...

Per Heiner Straesser

Campo Giovanni e Paolo Santissimi

50 vots

The West front’s huge unfinished brick façade of San Giovanni e Paolo contrasts with the elegance of the decorated façade of the adjoining Scuola...

Per Andrew VarlamovArgent

Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, Italy

50 vots

Just before sunset I didn't want to miss this light at the famous Campo dei Miracoli (=Field of Miracles) with Baptistry, Dome and Leaning Tower.

Per Heiner Straesser

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele- Milan

48 vots

around 8 o'clock in the morning - not crowded with people yet ......

Per Jann Lipka

Piazza del Duomo, Trento, Italy

42 vots

Trento is one of the cities in Italy people usually pass on the way to the sea or to Tuscany. But those who stop here discover a large historical...

Per Heiner Straesser

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