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Autumn feeling, Latvia

41 votes

Volga GAZ-21 - iconic Soviet automobiles at the SPILVE airport in Riga, Latvia

20 votes

The GAZ M21 Volga, the first car to carry the Volga name, was developed in the early 1950s. Volgas were built to last in the harsh climate and...

Spilve airport - main hall, Riga, Latvia

40 votes

Spilve Airport was first used as early as World War I. From 1937, regular commercial flights linked Spilve with Helsinki via Tallinn, Warsaw via...

Replica of FARMAN 4 aircraft at the Aviation festival in Riga

80 votes

This training airplane, constructed by Henri Farmane in 1910, was considered the safest airplane of its kind in the world. Replica is built by...

Sand sculpture park - Magic Sand Riga 2011

41 votes

Visitors  of the creative sand sculpture park in Riga look at the sculptures created by the artists, are inspired by them and try their own hand at...

Traveling market at Toscolano-Maderno, Lombardia, Italy

30 votes

Traveling market of Lago di Garda visits various towns spread across the lake on different days of the week. Here, at Toscolano Maderno, it takes...

Kokle - traditional Latvian musical instrument

111 votes

Handcrafted music instruments and toys, a little bit of wooden furniture, collection of World music, ancient-style Latvian jewelry and a nice...

Historic dance studio “Petit Trianon” at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum

45 votes

Famous historic dance studio “Petit Trianon” from St.-Petersburg has presented a one-of-a-kind performance at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum....

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