C.Q. Bui

Place of residence:

New York City
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Equipment used:

Panasonic Lumix G2/8mm Peleng, Nodal Ninja 3, monopod.  Some older work includes a Canon 5D/8mm Sigma combination.


6 Horizontal, 1 nadir, and 1 zenith.

The most highlight panoramas by C.Q. Bui

Hong Kong Man Mo Temple 03

29 votes

Hong Kong Man Mo Temple 03

3D Anaglyph House Panorama

23 votes

3D Anaglyph Panorama - Note: You'll need 3D glasses to view

Potsdamer Platz Hauptbahnhof Berlin Wall Display, Berlin Germany

11 votes

Potsdamer Platz Hauptbahnhof Berlin Wall Display, Berlin Germany

Reichstag, Top of the Glass Dome, Berlin, Germany

11 votes

360 Degree Panorama View at the top of the Reichstag (German Parliament). The Reichstag was built in 1894 for the Imperial German Parliament. After...

Reichstag Deutsch Bahn Bicycles. Berlin Germany

10 votes

Call a Bike Call a Bike is a service offered by Deutsche Bahn from March to October which provides a fleet of high-tech bikes throughout the...

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