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Pedraza, Segovia, Spain.

1 votes

Pedraza muy cerca Segovia posee lo que mucha gente busca de vez en cuando. Tranquilidad y buenos alimentos!!!!, realmente recomendable para todos...

Pedraza Tower, Segovia, Spain.

13 votes

Is made from the top of a tower in Pedraza (Segovia). Very good place near Segovia (Spain) and very cool. Good wine and food, perfect!!!!!. Good...

Fun bike at Valencia University (Poliniza)

3 votes

The technique was different one, it´s a normal panoramic but I had to play with different layer in photoshop with differents pictures and then...

Lonja de la Seda, Valencia, Spain.

36 votes

This magnificent exhibition, organised by the Valencia City Council and commissioned by Arturo Zaragoza, puts on display, until 31st March, under...

Avila Cathedral, Spain.

6 votes

Avila Cathedral was a very good picture, but the problem was the weather. The technique the same one, like the other ones. I just delete the...

Pedraza, Segovia, Spain.

12 votes

Plaza Mayor Pedraza (Segovia)

24 votes

Pedraza (Segovia) un pueblo auténtico donde se respira tranquilidad y se puede disfrutar de una comida excelente. Se realizó tras una escapada de...

Ávila, Spain.

19 votes

Plaza característica de Ávila (Spain)

Toledo, Spain.

39 votes

Viaje personal a Toledo en el cual se probó el HDR en todo su explendor ya que nos da lo mejor de los tres mundos.

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