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The Marina at the Atlantis, Paradise Island, BAHAMAS


One of the Most Beautiful and astonishing marinas ever seen! with a strange ans phantomatic scenery in the background,  the Atlantis Royal Towers...

Saint Andrews KIRK, Downtown Nassau, BAHAMAS


A cute little Church, again dozen of others in the Capital City of the Bahamas, of all obediences, from Catholic to protestant,  evangelists to...

Woodes Rodgers Walk, Nassau Harbour, Bahamas


The buzzy streets around the Harbour  offer many shops, jewelleries, duty free products, and would be arts and crafts gifts (made in China!!!) for...

Trinity Street, Nassau, Bahamas


The architecture of "Downtown Nassau" is a bit heterogenous, mixing altogether old creole buildings and  big modern concrete banks buildings....

Parliament House, Nassau, Bahamas


The Bahamas is a sovereign  and  independant Nation since 1973 islands but still belongs to the Commonwealth Community. It's the 3rdwealthiest...

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