Cătălin Ionescu

Luogo di residenza:

Braşov, Romania

The truth is out there ... 

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The most highlight panoramas by Cătălin Ionescu

”15 Noiembrie” running race

11 votes

Taken during the "15 Noiembrie" running race. It was the XXI edition of this yearly race that marks the day of the Braşov Rebellion, when...

Curling Open Romania IV - In front of the ice rink

11 votes

The same morning, in front of the Olympic ice rink, waiting for the first day of the tournament to start.

Ciucaș Peak (1.954 m)

1 votes

Summit on a very hot day. Only the splendid view cooled us off. The view is towards the Sub Carpathians (or Curvature Carpathians) which Ciucaș...

P1857 (Ciucaș Mountains)

1 votes

100 m short of the summit with Valea Ţigăilor (Ţigăilor Valley) in view. Altitude: 1.857 m FOV: 237° x 40°

Goliat (1.799m)

1 votes

Ciucaș Mountains have a lot of rocky formations, called "towers". One of them is called "Goliat Tower" (far right). FOV: 212° x 30°

Piramidele de la Șona (Șona Pyramids) - hill 3

1 votes

The "pyramids", called "gruieți" by the villagers, are a number of seven hills, 20-30 meters, arranged on two parallel rows (3 south, 4 north) in...

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