Entrada del Palau Solterra. Torrella de Montgrí, Girona.

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Latitudine: 42° 2' 29" N, Longitudine: 3° 7' 34" E see »

Luogo: Torroella de Montgrí, Spain

Panoramas by Francesc i Carme

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Coronela de Barcelona

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Conronela de Barcelona  - Associació de Recreació Histórica a Estelània, 1a fira Independentista Itinerant de Catalunya

The Last Sight

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The Last Sight   (El darrer cop d'ull) Thanks to Drakonia.

Busy Pizza Makers

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Habitat mapping

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This is a video mapping titled "Habitat", projected over the facade of the Rafael Masó Foundation in Girona, Catalonia. The interactive version...

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