Tanja Barnes

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I'm just a 21st century digital grrl living in Los Angeles. Through the use of 360 ̊ panoramic imagery I'm exploring and investigating spaces that artists create, fabricate, work in and/or find inspirational. Feel free to contact me for copies, licensing, or assignments.

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The most highlight panoramas by Tanja Barnes

Sunset at Salvation Mountain - Niland, CA

61 glos(y)(ów)

Salvation Mountain is an art installation near Slab City, California. It is fabricated from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint by...

Manzanar Cemetery

41 glos(y)(ów)

Manzanar Cemetery is within Manzanar National Historic Site. The second tallest mountain in California 14,389 foot Mount Williamson watches over...

Winganon Cement Mixer Space Capsule - Oologah, Oklahoma

41 glos(y)(ów)

On the roadside near East 300 Road and South 4130 Road just off of Highway 169 in Rogers County, Oklahoma, lays what appears to be an old...

An Entrance to the Donner Summit Railroad Tunnels - Truckee, CA

40 glos(y)(ów)

Emigrant Chinese laborers constructed the railroad tunnels above Truckee, California, with picks and black powder in the 1860s as part of the...

DTLA Buddha

31 glos(y)(ów)
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