The most highlight panoramas by Marek Kowalczyk

Paragliding in Kornatka

26 votos

Season is opened!

Beach in Niechorze

17 votos

Stormy weather in Niechorze

15 votos

Odra river bank in Szczecin ”Little Venice” 1/4

14 votos

Szczecin was destroyed in the end of WW2, some of very beautiful places (in the past) are still not recovered. City authorities are now planning to...


14 votos

Skansen in Wolin (4/5)

13 votos

Skansen in Wolin is reconstruction of Viking and Slavic houses, tools and some other things. (If I'm wrong and You know better description give me...

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1440 authors
Joop Greypink
de Düsseldorf/Germany
Giovanni Saini
de Biassono (Monza) Italy
Jacques Blot
de Longueville seine et marne
Mirosław Szukiełowicz
de Zielona Góra, Kożuchów; Poland
Harry Anders -
de Schoonhoven, the Netherlands
Randy Kosek
de Olympia, Washington  USA
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