The mysterious entrance of a Mayan Temple, archaeologogical site of Koba, Yucatan, Mexico

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It's a really weird feeling to  realize that you are totally alone  in an archaeoilogical site in Yucatan. I  entered the site  before dawn, I got the 1st ticket...and then followed a walk through the forrest of Koba.
I had learned about Mayan temples more than .....30 years at my architectural 1st year, and  staying in Yucatan  implied that I had to revisit "live" my former courses!!
Koba was the 1st site of the day, then after 1Hour and a half drive from there I went to Chichen Itza, a marvel among jewels!!
But now I'm in Koba,  sun is rising peacefully, no noise, no wind through the branches and leaves. Not even a bird to  perturbate this quiet and odd ffeling in me!!
I  was there at last.
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Latitude: 20° 29' 24" N, Longitude: 87° 43' 55" W see »

Localização: Mexico

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